What is the principle of a single inverter? you should probably know

What is a single inverter? If you understand the knowledge of electrical appliances, then this needs to start with the switching power supply.
There are many types of switching power supply, mainly divided into three types of DC-DC (DC power supply to DC power supply), AC-DC (AC power supply to DC power supply), DC-AC (transformed into AC power supply), In each type, there are many kinds of circuits.
The inverter belongs to the DC-AC class in the switching power supply. One of the important uses of the inverter is to adjust the speed of the AC motor. As long as the frequency of the excitation current in the motivation coil of the motor is changed, the frequency rotation frequency of the magnetic field in the motor is also changing.

Introduction to the principle of inverter circuit and flow replacement:

Compared with the rectifier circuit, the circuit that turns DC into AC power is called the inverter circuit. When the AC side is connected to the grid, it is called the active inverter; when the AC side is directly connected to the load, it is called a passive inverter. The inverter circuit generally refers to the passive inverter. The inverse circuit is widely used in life.
AC circuits have continued to change the current from one branch to another,this is called a stream. Streaming is the basis for realizing inverter. The control current through the opening and turning of the switching device to pass through the branch circuit, which is the basic principle of realizing the replacement. There are many ways to change the flow. Among them, it is mainly divided into four ways: period changes, grid -changing, load replacement, and forced stream changes.

Single voltage inverter design legend:

There are two large -scale capacitors connected to the DC side. The connection point of the two capacitors becomes the midpoint of DC power. The load is connected between the DC power supply and between the two bridge arm connections. The gate signal of the switching device V1 and V2 has half a week of positive bias in one cycle, and the two weeks are deficient, and the two complement each other. The circuit belt resistance load, T2 time to the V1 off the signal, the V2 is opened, the V1 is off, but the current in the emotional load cannot change the direction immediately. , VD2 cut, stop V2, i0 began to reverse.

The single inverter is also used on the new energy power supply system. New energy includes solar power generation, wind power generation and geothermal power generation, and wave power generation. In addition to the use of electric equipment, you can also sell the electricity to the power grid. Maybe you can make money through this method.

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